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Retail is NOT Dead. Just Ask the Northern Illinois Concrete Contractors.

Frequently, there are stories in the news about another mall or a retail chain closing its doors.  With this type of publicity, many think that brick and mortar stores have gone by the wayside and the masses are shopping online.  It is true that ecommerce is playing a larger role in retail sales, but stores are still generating the bulk of business today.

However, the face of retail is changing with more and more stores being incorporated into mixed-use developments.  This type of property is a unified community with a retail foundation and various other types of real estate, which may include restaurants, offices, residences, a hotel, and even entertainment facilities such as a bowling alley or theatre.  When done properly, retail in mixed-use developments performs better than average because of the population density and the income levels of those individuals working or living at the facility.  In addition, there is a synergy among the building’s entities that help empower each other and achieve more business collectively.

Members of the Northern Illinois Concrete Contractors are helping to drive this retail change.  They have been key in building mixed-use developments in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Transforming Wrigleyville

The popular Wrigleyville neighborhood has seen many changes in recent years.  Fans still come to the area to watch their beloved Chicago Cubs, or catch a concert at Wrigley Field.  However, Wrigleyville offers so much more for fans and residents thanks to its growing footprint of residential and commercial offerings.

A local concrete contractor and member of the Northern Illinois Concrete Contractors has been active in expanding the area with a mixed-use development at Addison and Clark, just a block south of Wrigley Field.  This cast-in-place concrete contractor who specializes in large-scale structural concrete work was instrumental in the area’s 530,000 square foot development, which includes four residential floors, below and above ground parking, retail space, restaurants, a bowling alley and a theatre.  This addition to the community now only supports the booming urban population, but also provides a positive financial impact on the area.

Bringing Mixed-Use Development to the North Shore

Vertical mixed-use development is not limited to city of Chicago, but Evanston is also getting in on the trend with a mid-rise structure in its downtown area.  Again, a local concrete contractor and member of the Northern Illinois Concrete Contractors has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.  This mixed-use development includes one below-grade and three above-grade levels of parking, grade-level retail space, and nine floors of luxury residences.  This mixed-use development incorporates one of the most popular designs in recent years, exposed architectural cement walls, beams and slab edges.  The concrete elements were paired with floor to ceiling aluminum and glass windows to give the interior a classy and elegant style. The Chicagoland concrete contractor was responsible for all cast-in-place concrete work above the caisson level.  This new mid-rise building has been a thriving addition to this beautiful community on the shores of Lake Michigan.

When Only the Best Cement Contractors Will Do

The retail space is being transformed with mixed-use developments.  Illinois’ best union concrete contractors are being hired to provide the foundations for these new facilities. To find one of these topnotch contractors, just contact the Northern Illinois Concrete Contractors.  We offer the largest database of commercial concrete contactors in the state.  All our members are vetted and bring years of experience to every project.  To find the right local concrete contractor for your next project, explore our online directory or directly submit a RFP on our website.

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