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Waterproofing Concrete in Schaumburg, IL

Intuitively, you might think that all concrete is waterproof. While it is true that good concrete is able to stand up to a degree of moisture, and not create leaky interiors, the material is actually quite absorbent, and can become more vulnerable to water damage over time.

In Schaumburg, Illinois, home and business owners that have delicate items in their basements and storerooms, may find it worthwhile to talk to a concrete contractor about pouring waterproof concrete. Normal concrete contains water than is primarily meant to hydrate the material for installation. Later, as the concrete hardens, this water will drain out and evaporate, leaving internal pores and capillaries. The end result is that concrete is like a large, and very dense, sponge.

While some water absorption might not be a huge issue for the structure itself, the humidity can be a problem without proper damp proofing. Interiors might experience finish damage, mold growth and, in more severe cases, deterioration and corrosion. Fortunately, there are varying degrees of water protection for concrete, ranging from simply keeping the water from running through to complete blocking of water vapor.

Depending on what your walls contain, it is a good idea to talk to your concrete contractor about the options for keeping the water and its effects out of your space. Don’t simply assume that any level of water protection will be automatic, and take the time to talk about the kind of things you will keep within the walled space. Also keep in mind the typical climate and rainfall, remembering that precipitation may be unpredictable.

Taking these simple steps will increase the likelihood that your concrete can stand the test of time, weather and use. Your Schaumbug, Illinois, concrete contractor wants to ensure that your walls do the job you need them to do, and can offer a number of viable and reasonable solutions for waterproofing.

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