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Put Your Stadium on Firm Footing with Concrete

Today’s stadiums are mega complexes with not only fan seating, but also with restaurants, shops, lounges and VIP clubs.  And, fans can enjoy these many amenities along with private suites on the stadium’s concourse level or sometimes right in the front row, allowing close proximity to all the action.  In order to support the tens of thousands of fans who converge on these major venues for games, concerts or special events, concrete is a construction must. This powerful material not only provides superior strength and better fire resistance, but it also offers maximum durability, enabling it to stand up to nature’s elements and the millions of fans over time.  Besides being used for a stadium’s foundation, it is also instrumental throughout, comprising wall panels, columns, stairs and more. And, concrete is key in the construction of the very important parking garages often adjacent to stadiums.  

Retail is NOT Dead. Just Ask the Northern Illinois Concrete Contractors.

Frequently, there are stories in the news about another mall or a retail chain closing its doors.  With this type of publicity, many think that brick and mortar stores have gone by the wayside and the masses are shopping online.  It is true that ecommerce is playing a larger role in retail sales, but stores are still generating the bulk of business today.